Project Delivery Options

Projects can generally be broken down into the following three distinct phases: pre-construction planning & design; construction; and post-construction operation & maintenance (O&M). Delivery or implementation of civil and environmental projects generally involves procurement of one or more firms to provide: planning & permitting; civil and/or environmental engineering; site, remediation and/or facilities construction; and/or O&M services.

Conventional Design- Bid- Build (D-B-B): Traditionally, construction projects have been implemented by this method whereby an owner commissions an engineer to prepare design drawings and specifications and subsequently selects construction contractor(s) by competitive bidding or negotiation. The engineer then serves as the owner’s representative during construction to: interpret contract documents; observe construction for conformance with the contract documents; and to administer the construction contract. The design engineer, contractor or another consultant may be responsible for securing building and environmental permits. This project delivery method is more or less mandated on most governmentally-funded projects. Another variation is construction management (CM) where a construction manager is engaged by the owner to serve as their representative during construction and the engineer is relegated to a reduced role of interpreting or clarifying design documents during construction. Benchmark, as a licensed professional engineering firm, utilizes this project delivery method for our clients who request it but it is clearly not our preference for most projects. We generally view traditional project delivery as dysfunctional, fragmented, inefficient, and dispute-prone. Historical data shows that over 30 percent of such projects do not meet budget or schedule. Many more don’t meet owner’s expectations.

Integrated Project Implementation: With the Design-Build (D-B) or integrated project delivery method, the owner or project sponsor contracts with a single entity to provide both engineering and construction services. Benchmark and TurnKey companies were founded over ten years ago principally on the notion that professional -lead integrated project delivery is well-suited to the cost-effective and timely implementation of environmental facilities, remediation, and redevelopment of environmentally-impaired sites. These complex projects with the myriad of: regulatory permits; public information, health & safety, monitoring, and reporting requirements; specialized equipment and technology require an extraordinary level of involvement by experienced engineers and scientists throughout all project phases. Our track record of successful integrated delivery projects validates these expectations.