Services We Provide


1. an act of help or assistance

Our clients rely on us to help them:

  • Comply with the myriad of confusing, overlapping and ever-changing environmental laws, regulations, and guidelines
  • Make better decisions,secure government approvals, and resolve potential environmental roadblocks related to property, business, and facility acquisitions, divestitures, development, and expansion or consolidation
  • Clean up and/or redevelop their environmentally-impacted property
  • Reduce energy usage and cost, reduce their carbon footprint, and develop alternative or renewable energy sources to sustain their businesses
  • Expand or optimize the performance of existing environmental facilities
  • Permit, design, build, and operate new environmental facilities to reliably meet current or anticipated future environmental laws, regulations, and guidelines.
  • Provide strong technical support to our clients and their legal counsel in environmental compliance, enforcement, and litigation.

There's an old adage in project management that says it's impossible to create a product or service that is good, fast and cheap. What is good and fast won't be cheap,etc. We strive for the “sweet spot” of good quality, on time, and on budget … that's great service!

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