GLR Holdings

Redevelopment of Former Automotive Repair Facility. A local developer purchased a vacant parcel in Niagara Falls, NY with the intention developing the site as a fast-food restaurant. During their environmental due diligence, it was discovered that historic use of the site included an automotive repair facility. Site investigations identified chlorinated volatile organic compounds (cVOCs) in saturated soil and groundwater on-site at concentrations that required additional investigation and remediation.

Assistance in Qualifying for Brownfield Cleanup Program (BCP)
The developer was initially going to seek another location due to the environmental conditions and potential liability associated with the site. Benchmark apprised GLR of the liability protections and economic incentives of the New York Brownfield Cleanup Program (BCP) and assisted GLR in qualifying the site as a BCP site.

Fast-track IRM Approach
By fast-tracking the site through the BCP, with full approval from the regulators, Benchmark assisted the developer in getting the project completed ahead of schedule and with a net zero cost for environmental work.

$100,000 Tax Credit
The tax credits offered through the BCP covered the cost of the investigation and remedial work completed. Upon receipt of the NYSDEC certificate of completion (COC), the developer was indemnified of environmental liability and a $100,000 tax credit was provided for this project.