Environmental Remediation at Landfill

Federal NPL Site

The Peter Cooper Landfill Site is located along the bank of Cattaraugus Creek in the Village of Gowanda, New York. The site is comprised of a former animal glue and adhesives manufacturing plant and an inactive landfill formerly used for disposal of glue manufacturing byproducts. Based on its history and proximity of the landfill to the creek, the Site was designated a federal Superfund Site and was listed on the National Priority List (NPL) by the USEPA.

Primarily impacted by heavy metals

Waste products deposited in the inactive landfill were impacted by heavy metals, particularly chromium and arsenic. Infiltration of surface water through the organic wastes buried in the landfill also resulted in leaching of odorous seeps having elevated ammonia and sulfide concentrations.

Remedial Investigation & Feasibility Study (RI/FS)

Benchmark completed an RI/FS to fully characterize the site and evaluate remedial alternatives. A Record of Decision (ROD) was subsequently issued by the USEPA which required relocation of certain soil hot spots into the landfill, installation of a low-permeability clay soil cap over the inactive landfill area, and the construction of a groundwater /seep collection system and creek bank stabilization system along the northern landfill perimeter. A pretreatment system was also required to oxidize sulfides prior to discharge of collected groundwater/seeps to the local municipal wastewater treatment plant.

Design-Build Cleanup

The remedial construction was implemented by Benchmark under a Design-Build contract on behalf of the cooperating principal responsible parties (cPRPs), with Benchmark serving as the supervising contractor. Benchmark and the cPRPs also worked cooperatively with the Gowanda Area Redevelopment Corporation (GARC) and USEPA to cleanup and enhance approximately 20 acres of the site outside of the landfill, which are slated to be redeveloped by GARC as a public park.