Design-Build Iron Removal System


New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) issued a consent order to address sporadic SPDES permit exceedances of metal concentrations (particularly iron) from a wastewater discharge at a metal fabricating facility in Central New York.

Cost Effective Engineering
Benchmark was retained by the facility owners to identify cost effective treatment technologies, and to design and install a treatment system within the time constraints of the consent order.

Bench Scale Testing
Bench scale testing indicated that green sand filtration (permanganate impregnated sand) was the most applicable technology for the reduction of total and soluble iron discharge concentrations.

Regulatory Permitting
Benchmark worked with NYSDEC and local wastewater treatment plant officials with the permitting of iron discharges through greensand filtration.

Through our Design-Build capabilities , Benchmark’s team of engineers and technicians designed , constructed and installed the treatment system with minimal disturbances to the facilities day to day operations. Since inception of the treatment system no violations of iron concentrations through waste water discharges have occurred.