Smokes Creek Environmental Restoration

Interim Corrective Measures (ICM)

Benchmark/TurnKey implemented an ICM to perform a fast-tracking dredging of the lower 2600 feet of Smokes Creek to restore flood flow capacity and remove sediment impacted by contaminants.

Creek Survey

A bathymetric survey of the Creek was performed to provide the basis for AutoCADD Civil 3D design plans & determine sediment removal quantities.

Creek Sediment Removal

The ICM involved the removal of approximately 42,000 cubic yards of sediment through mechanical & hydraulic dredging, with disposal at an adjacent Army Corp of Engineers confined disposal facility.

Sediment Characterization

The Creek sediment was chemically characterized for acceptance into the Corps confined disposal facility. Sediment samples were collected from split-spoon cores with a rotary drill mounted on a floating platform.

Post –Dredging Characterization

Post-dredging characterization of the bottom sediment was performed by Benchmark/TurnKey to evaluate the effectiveness of the ICM.