Representative Liability Transfer Project


Former owners of a 332 Acre Former Steel Manufacturing Site entered into a voluntary cleanup with the NYSDEC. The $14.8 million voluntary cleanup was financed by an escrow agreement established by the steel companies and their insurance underwriters. A comprehensive Remedial Design/ Remedial Action (RD/RA) Work Plan and Site Investigation Reports were prepared by Benchmark and TurnKey.

Site History
Integrated iron, steel, coke, and coke byproducts manufacturing facilities were operated on the site from 1911 through the mid-1980s. Other support operations on the property included: acid pickling; galvanizing; petroleum handling and storage; electrical substations; wastewater treatment; air pollution controls; coal gas purification , rail and shipyards; and a closed solid waste landfill. A portion of the site was listed in the NYSDEC Registry of Inactive Hazardous Waste Disposal Sites.

Site Investigation
A Site Investigation Work Plan focused sampling and analytical testing of groundwater, surface water, and soil/fill on the locations and type of known or suspected contaminant releases based on past use as documented in the Phase I Assessment.

RD/RA Work Plan
The RD/RA Work Plan established site-specific action levels for contaminants of concern in surface soil/fill, subsurface soil/fill, and groundwater. The Work Plan delineated remedial tasks on an area-by-area basis in sufficient conceptual detail to secure NYSDEC approval, support citizen participation requirements, and to form the basis of detailed remediation and long-term operation, maintenance and monitoring cost estimates.

Design-Build Remediation
Benchmark /TurnKey provided design and construction management services for the implementation of the remedial work. Remedial work elements include:

  • Excavation of 120,000 cy of soil/fill for onsite treatment or containment.
  • Bioremediation of petroleum impacted soils.
  • Physicochemical oxidation of volatile organic and lead impacted soil/fill.
  • 14-acre containment cell with slurry wall; groundwater collection system and geosynthetic cover system.
  • In-situ vacuum extraction in subsurface soil/fill
  • Groundwater pretreatment system
Operation, Maintenance & Monitoring
Benchmark/TurnKey performs the following post-remediation services related to the site and related facilities:

  • Operation, maintenance, monitoring and reporting for the groundwater collection, groundwater pretreatment, stormwater conveyance, and soil vapor extraction systems.
  • Landfill cover system annual inspection, mowing, site maintenance, surface water sampling and reporting.
  • Site groundwater sampling and reporting.
  • Verification of performance of engineering controls.