Representative Design-Build-Operate

Benzol Plant Interim Corrective Measures (DBO)

Former Benzol Recovery & Refinery Plant used to in the production of light oils derived from coke manufacturing by-products. The plant operated from 1930 through 1999. Underground piping and historic accidental releases have been identified as the source of subsurface organic impacts (e.g., benzene, ethylbenzene, toluene, and xylenes (BTEX) and other volatile aromatics with the Benzol Plant Area.

As a result of aqueous phase and non-aqueous phase impacts (i.e., LNAPL), an Interim Corrective Measure (IRM) was installed at the Benzol Plant Area. Groundwater modeling at the Benzol Plant Site was performed to determine the number and spacing of groundwater recovery wells required to establish hydraulic control of the shallow groundwater.

Treated Groundwater
Collected groundwater is treated using air stripper technology. Treated groundwater is discharged via gravity to one of two treated groundwater infiltration systems. Due to projected benzene loadings, emissions from the air stripper are treated by a thermal/catalytic oxidizer prior to release to the atmosphere.

LNAPL Recovery
LNAPL recovery is preformed though two dual phase recovery wells, and manual pump recovery.

Operation & Maintenance
Operation and Maintenance of the ICM is performed by TurnKey.